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Zona de produccionNariño

LocalidadColón Génova

fincaLasso Argote

altitud1,950 – 2,000 MASL

especie botanica

Coffea arabica 100%
Castillo, Caturra and Catuaí

cosechaApril – June


Two packages of 250 g filter roast. Limited edition.

50 in stock

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Tasting Notes

Complex and aromatic coffee flavoured with red fruits, hibiscus and intense notes of dark chocolate. Acidity reminiscent of lime and peach. Average sensory score of 87/100.

The Farm

Argote Family

Efraín, head of the Lasso Argote family, and his father Lucho Lasso, began planting coffee on their 3-hectare farm almost 70 years ago, making it the first in the town of Génova. His son, Juan Pablo, created the Argote Specialty Coffee brand, and is now a model for the region of Nariño in terms of promoting good agricultural practices and making improvements across the specialty coffee agricultural community.

The farm

The Argote family farm stands out as the pioneer of specialty coffee production in the village of Colón Genova, north of the world-renowned Nariño region. In 2014 its unique and complex full-bodied coffee was discovered, and so began a fully-committed process of improvement and perfection. The first steps were to get a pulper and an export license for their prized product. In less than two years they became independent exporters, built suspended beds to dry the coffee beans and helped their friends, the Muñoz family, process and export their crops. The coffee evolved and became sweeter when, in 2016, they introduced washing and fermenting into their harvest. A great achievement that, together with the work of the Argote family, who visually inspects all the coffee trees for signs of rust on the leaves, leads to a high quality coffee.

The process

Once hand-picked, the cherries are mechanically pulped and washed with mountain water. The beans are then soaked in water for 18–24 hours to activate the fermentation of the mucilage, and afterwards dried in the sun, on patios and raised beds. Finally, the beans are manually sorted and packaged at the Argote family farm.



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