Flor de Itabo, Costa Rica

Central America
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tipoCoffee beans / 250 g

LocalidadCentral Valley

fincaFlor de Itabo

altitud1.350 – 1.600 MSNM

especie botanica

Coffea arabica 100%
Caturra, Catuaí, Villalobos and Villa Sarchí

post cosechaWashed


Acid fruits, orange, black tea. Espresso or filter roast.

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Tasting Notes

Acid fruits, orange, black tea. Average sensory score of 84/100.

Central Valley

Located in the heart of this Latin American gem. Two verdant mountain ranges border the valley, creating exceptional conditions for coffee cultivation. The four major volcanoes in the area provide fertile soil.

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Espresso, Filter, Filter, Filtre