Limmu Kossa, Ethiopia

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Zona de produccionOromia


fincaLimmu Kossa Estate

altitud1,840 – 2,130 MASL

cosechaNovember – January


Production 360 kg. Tropical fruit, citrus, jasmine, black tea, honey, sugar cane.


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Tasting Notes

A lingering and balanced coffee with dominant sweet and fruity aromas. Citrus notes combined with tropical fruit, honey and sugar cane. Fragrance of black tea and jasmine. Average sensory score of 85.75/100.

The Farm

Gidey Berhe Retta

The owner of Limu Kossa is Gidey, an inspiring man known in the local community for his passion and integrity. The locals call him Abba Ollie ("the one who uplifts"). Limu Kossa is a private farm that shares its expertise with surrounding farmers and offers an amazing example of agroforestry, where coffee is grown as close to the wild as commercially possible. 100% organic coffee.

The farm

The farm project was born out of the work of Sara, Abiy and Gidey. Limmu Kossa’s unique owner and status as a private farm with direct export options set it apart. These characteristics caught Sara Morrocchi’s attention, and she contacted Abiy Ashenafi, Limu Kossa's representative abroad. This involvement grew on the foundation of three key points: quality coffee, community development and direct connection with the roaster. The pilot import was named "Galeh,” just like the micro region it comes from, and was carried out around 2017 to great success.

The process

Once hand-picked, the cherries are preselected into two batches. Our coffee is part of the fully washed batch. They are then pulped and soaked in water for 12 hours to activate the fermentation of the mucilage, and afterwards dried on raised beds. The entire process is carried out under the supervision of the farm's owner, Giday.


Girona Excel·lent

The prestigious food quality seal Girona Excel·lent has awarded Mahogany 2 quality recognitions: best filter coffee roast and best coffee with unique specialties. The tasters evaluated appearance, aroma, taste and harmony, and blindly chose Ethiopia filter and Thailand espresso as the best in their categories.



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