Kolnáal, Honduras

Central America
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tipoCoffee beans / 250 g

Zona de produccionLa Paz


fincaKolnáal Mujeres Cooperative

altitud1.500 – 1.800 MASL

especie botanica

Coffea arabica 100%
Typica, Bourbon, Caturra, Catuaí

cosechaDecember – March

post cosechaWashed


Ripe fruits, milk chocolate, balanced acidity. Espresso or filter roast.

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Tasting Notes

Ripe fruits, milk chocolate, balanced acidity. Average sensory score of 86/100.

Kolnáal Mujeres Cooperative

In Marcala in the La Paz Region in southwestern Honduras, the cooperative emerged as an organization of Lenca women. The main objective of the cooperative is to create equal opportunities for the socio-economic, environmental, and cultural development of women. Agriculture is one of the most significant sources of income in the region. However, women have minimal access to agricultural resources and suffer from the gender pay gap.

Next to enabling women to actively participate in the coffee production, it is through Kolnáal's work that they can have access to the international market, allowing them to sell their products for fair prices. Thanks to the cooperative, many women, often single mothers, can provide for their families.

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Espresso, Filter, Filter, Filtre