El Limoncillo, Nicaragua

Central America
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tipoCoffee beans / 250 g

Zona de produccionYasica Sur


fincaEl Limoncillo

altitud850-1200 MSNM

especie botanica

Coffea arabica 100%
SHG EP Etiosar


post cosechaNatural


Sugar cane, apple flavors, stone fruits. Espresso or filter.


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Tatsting notes

Uniform and balanced coffee in which the sweet fragances of cane sugar predominate. Average sensory score 82/100. Sugar cane, apple flavors, stone fruits.

Familia Mierish

The Mierisch family has been farming coffee in Nicaragua for over 100 years. In the early 1900’s Bruno Mierisch worked with his son Wilfrido on the coffee farms. Then Wilfrido worked with his boys on the coffee farms, and today his boys work with their sons and daughters on the coffee farms. El Limoncillo is an ecotourism farm, that strictly preserves the flora and fauna that live within it. With a height in separations of the stratum that oscillate be- tween 850 and 1200 meters, under these characteristics we have opted for the investigation of being able to adapt the varieties in the different heights that it has, among the lower part Catuai, middle part Pacamaras and Java at the top, getting the best of each of them both in quality and productivity.



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Espresso, Filter


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