La Providencia, Nicaragua

Central America
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tipoCoffee beans / 250 g

Zona de produccionDipilto, Nueva Segovia

LocalidadLa Laguna

fincaLa Providencia

altitud1,350 MASL

especie botanica

Coffea arabica 100%
Caturra and Pacas

cosechaNovember – January

post cosechaWashed


Production 1,035 kg. Dried fruits, blackberries, blueberries, treacle, cocoa beans.


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Tasting Notes

Consistent and aromatic coffee. Juicy body featuring dried fruits, blackberries, blueberries, grapes and raisins. Sweet flavour reminiscent of treacle and honey. Notes of cocoa beans and jasmine. Average sensory score of 88.75/100.

The Farm

José Julian Corea

La Providencia is a small farm located in La Laguna, near the town of Dipilto, the area where most of the Cup of Excellence coffees come from each year. José Julian Corea, over 60 years old, grows his coffee in the shade to have more control over the ripening process and has found the perfect balance for growing coffee in its natural habitat. Julian's coffee, of unprecedented quality at this farm, will amaze you.

The farm

Julian’s farm is an example of small individual farming, with a focus on quality and development. It makes use of the forests in the area, growing the coffee under their canopy and thus helping to preserve the environment. Julian's main concern is protecting his plants from rust, a very persistent fungus in this area. His work and experience have allowed him to find the perfect balance between fertilisers and pesticides to overcome this challenge and continue offering a high-quality coffee.

The process

Once the ripe cherries are harvested, they are pulped and soaked in fermentation tanks for approximately 14 hours. During this time, they are regularly analysed until the humidity reaches its optimal point. The berries are then moved to the washing channel, where they are soaked in clean water, and afterwards are dried in the dry shade on African beds. Finally, the coffee is sampled and classified for export.



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