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Central America
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A selection of the best specialty coffee from Central America. A trip to Honduras, Guatemala and Costa Rica. Includes: Three packages of 250 g espresso and three turquoise espresso cups.


Three 250 g packages of espresso roast with cups. Honduras, Guatemala and Costa Rica.

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Honduras Kolnáal

Ripe fruits, milk chocolate, balanced acidity. Average sensory score of 86/100.

Guatemala Las Amapolas

Chocolate, blackberries, fruits, berries, wine. Average sensory score of 84/100.

Costa Rica Flor de Itabo

Acid fruits, orange, black tea. Average sensory score of 84/100.

Honduras Kolnáal

The cooperative emerged as an organization of Lenca women. The main objective of the cooperative is to create equal opportunities for the socio-economic, environmental, and cultural development of women. Agriculture is one of the most significant sources of income in the region. However, women have minimal access to agricultural resources and suffer from the gender pay gap.

Guatemala Las Amapolas

Set in the northwest, bordering Mexico, Huehuetenango has become one of the most well-known coffee growing areas in the country. Elevation in this area creates ideal microclimate conditions for coffee cultivation.

Costa Rica Flor de Itabo

Located in the heart of this Latin American gem. Two verdant mountain ranges border the valley, creating exceptional conditions for coffee cultivation. The four major volcanoes in the area provide fertile soil.

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