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Box with four specialty filter roast coffees
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A guided journey through the world of specialty coffee. Four unique origins: Nicaragua, Colombia, Ethiopia and Thailand.


Four 250 g packages of espresso roast. Nicaragua, Colombia, Ethiopia and Thailand.

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Round the World

Embark on a sensory journey around the World of Specialty Coffee. Unique origins, small-scale producers and selected farms; for you to enjoy a complex range of flavors and nuances. Feel how the special characteristics of each farm shape the aromas of their coffee beans, bringing exquisite qualities and fragrances to your cup of espresso.

Colombia Lasso Argote

Complex and aromatic coffee flavoured with red fruits, hibiscus and intense notes of dark chocolate. Acidity reminiscent of lime and peach.

Ethiopia Limmu Kossa Estate

A lingering and balanced coffee with dominant sweet and fruity aromas. Citrus notes combined with tropical fruit, honey and sugar cane. Fragrance of black tea and jasmine.

Nicaragua La Providencia

Consistent and aromatic coffee. Juicy body featuring dried fruits, blackberries, blueberries, grapes and raisins. Sweet flavour reminiscent of treacle and honey. Notes of cocoa beans and jasmine.

Thailand Akha Akha Hilltribe

A complex coffee with a unique blend of spices and fruity tones. Full-bodied with predominance of black cherry, blueberry, concord grape and dried fruits. Hints of bittersweet chocolate

Girona Excel·lent

The prestigious food quality seal Girona Excel·lent has awarded Mahogany 2 quality recognitions: best filter coffee roast and best coffee with unique specialties. The tasters evaluated appearance, aroma, taste and harmony, and blindly chose Ethiopia filter and Thailand espresso as the best in their categories.



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