Environmental and social responsibility

Caring for our product from the source also means committing ourselves at every stage of the process. At Mahogany we work, every day, with awareness and responsibility towards people and our planet. We want to generate a positive impact on our environment and we get involved in different projects to achieve it.

Committed to people

We are committed to coffee from small farms to help small coffee producers lead their own destiny. We promote dialogue between all members of the value chain, with full transparency and traceability from the plantation to the cup.

We return to the same farms every year to provide continuous support to farmers. Only then will they be able to build the stability and lasting linkage for true economic, social and environmental sustainability.

Design and materials

Sustainability is one of our fundamental values, which is why we take special care in the choice of materials used to wrap our speciality coffees.

We pack the roasted coffee beans in bags of technical materials of 250 gr, with one-way valve and modified atmosphere, to preserve all its delicate aroma and freshness until the moment of tasting. We distinguish each variety with the corresponding label, incorporated into the bag with a rubber band, without the need for any kind of adhesive.

The label provides us with the necessary information to know the traceability of the coffee. In addition, it has a double function, and together with the elastic band, it will serve to close and identify the bag itself.

Fundació Els Joncs

The Fundació Els Joncs is a non-profit organisation located in Sarrià de Ter, Girona. The organization serves people with intellectual disabilities throughout their life cycle, and its aim is to provide them with the necessary resources to improve their quality of life in the different aspects, that is to say, in the personal, social and labour level.

At Mahogany we collaborate with the Premature Ageing project that the Foundation carries out to promote the well-being and general health of this group. They incorporate activities such as physiotherapy, swimming pool, Nordic walking or pilates that complement their weekly sports sessions, so that they feel healthier and consequently their mood and motivation increase considerably.

Once the coffee has been packaged, we send the different elements of the pack separately to the Foundation’s occupational centre: the technical bags with the coffee beans, the labels and the rubber bands. They are in charge of the final handling of the product, folding the labels and attaching them to the corresponding bags with the rubber bands. Their excellent manual work gives our product an extra degree of value and thanks to this collaboration, we offer employment to a group of people from the Fundació.


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