What You Need to Know to Get the Most out of Your Chemex Coffee Maker

German chemist Peter J. Schlumbohm patented this coffee maker in 1941. Inspired by two items in his laboratory, he combined a chemical flask with a top glass funnel. Schlumbohm was a prolific inventor who registered some 300 patents for various utensils, though without a doubt, his greatest creation was this drip coffee maker.

Unique and distinctive, its most characteristic element is the shape of the carafe, similar to that of an hourglass. The narrowest part is covered by a wooden ring and a leather loop. Both provide an aesthetic touch, as well as allowing us to hold the coffee maker without it slipping or us being burned. 

The Chemex quickly became popular and its design has remained unchanged ever since. It can be found in different sizes: for three, six, eight or ten cups. It was considered one of the best designs of its time and was even exhibited in the MOMA museum in New York.

TheChemex coffee makerand its filters

Thanks to his training as a chemist, Schlumbohm had a perfect understanding of the process of extracting flavor and aroma from coffee beans. This drip coffee maker not only offers a beautiful design, but also allows us to make coffee in a simple way and following a 100% manualprocess. 

In fact the filters, and not the carafe, are what actually lead to such a high-quality end result. They are also one of the main differences between the Chemex and conventional filter coffee makers. This coffee maker’s paper filters are 20% heavier than typical ones and let hardly any sediment through, avoiding the fat that gives the final beverage its characteristic bitterness being passed on to the coffee. 

That’s why it’s important to buy the Chemex filtersthat are rightfor the size of your coffee maker. To position them correctly we place the thick part, made up of three layers of paper, on the side of the spout, where the coffee is poured.

How to make a pure and clean cup of coffee

Another important detail is the use of mineral or filtered water to avoid affecting the flavor of the coffee. It is also essential to have high-quality raw material and a grinder that will allow us to achieve exactly the degree of grinding we want. We recommend theHario Manual Grinder

For best results, use a mild medium roast coffee. The flavor you get with a Chemex is unmatched, pure and clean. For a full coffee aroma we recommend the Limmu Kossa Ethiopia coffee. We hope you enjoy a good cup of filter coffee following our method. You can find the step-by-step recipein the image at the top of the article.


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