The Design of the Hario V60 Coffee Maker and How to Make Filter Coffee

Founded in Tokyo in 1921, first under the name “Hiromu Shibata Works,” Hario is one of the most popular Asian brands. In its early days they produced and sold heat-resistant glassware for laboratories. They expanded their business in 1948 to include the production of household items, starting with a glass filter coffee siphon.

At that time, they founded a division devoted to glassware manufacturing, Hario Co Ltd. This was the beginning of the brand’s forays into the world of coffee. Hario, which means “the king of glass”, established itself as the market leader in the manufacture of glassware of the highest quality. After 30 years of research they created Hario Glass, a heat-resistant glass made entirely from natural minerals.

It was in 2006 that the brand released a new device for the pouring method, which would quickly become its most famous invention. The item has been manufactured with different materials, first ceramic and glass, then plastic and finally metal. The V60 coffee maker allows you to make cups ofhigh-purity coffee thanks to its design features.

The unique design of the Hario V60

  1. The drip cone is specifically designed with 60° angles, hence the name, so that the water will flow right to the center of the grind.
  2. It has spiral-shaped grooves that prevent emptying and allow air to escape.
  3. The drip hole, which is larger, allows you to modify the flavor by adjusting the water flow rate.

All these elements come together to deliver a cup of coffee a with great taste and aroma using a method that’s very convenient in our day-to-day lives. Although this item comes in other materials, the plastic Hario V60 is the perfect coffee maker for every occasion. It prevents you from burning your fingers, the edges don’t chip and it’s easy to transport. Combine it with the sweet and fruity aromas of Limmu Kossa Ethiopia coffee and enjoy a good cup of filter coffee following our method.


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